Clarify what's going on at the Combat Lab. It is as an aid to the most experienced players, as teaching is a solution away, and the strength needed for each situation. And reward for completing each task you earn and increases your item level.

Laboratory Center:

The fighting laboratory addresses themes: Screen distance, Classification Strategy 20º and 65º, dissemination strategy and position training. Tasks are divided into three levels: primary, intermediate, and advanced. Each level consists of a brief explanation and a questionnaire or a practical test. You need to achieve the right goals in order to move to the next level.

Screen distance

The first topic of the combat lab addresses the screen distance theme, which will be used in combat to facilitate the calculation required to hit your target. To complete this phase it is necessary to answer a quiz of 10 questions that will address the subject presented in the topic.


Angle strategy 20º and 65º

In the topic "angle strategy 20º or 65º" the laboratory presents a table containing distance and strength needed to hit your target during a battle in different positions. To complete this phase of the laboratory it is necessary to perform a practical test by hitting the targets that appear in different positions.

Angle 20º:

Angle 65º:

The high lacing strategy presents new angles such as 80º or 90º to be used with the advantage of not being affected by map structures during their shots. In this topic you will receive a theoretical lesson and need to hit the targets that will appear on the map to move to the next level.

Position difference training

Position difference training has a number of robots that need to be achieved so that one Phase pass, the robots appear at different distances and heights, causing the player to work their sights when trying to hit them. To follow the phase in this last test, a practical test is performed, hitting the test machines. 

Final laboratory

>At the end of the laboratory the player receives several achievements and items that are delivered during the topics. Once formed you can return to make the lab, but you will not receive the prizes again.