Combat figure

In play the most basic actions use the keyboard keys  "? ? ? ?" and " space bar:".

"?? ":moves your character to the right or left.

"?? ":Controls the angle to shoot.

"space bar:"controls the strength of the shot the longer you squeeze the bullet will go.

When in combat the lower power bar shows its current strength when pressing the space key. If you press too hard and the force exceeds the one you intended to use keep pressing that by reaching 100 it will come back and you can try again to reach the strength you desired. That won't happen for once.

Angle and intensity

Press the key "? ?" to adjust the launch angle and press the key "? ?" to adjust direction and move left or right.

Press  "Spacebar" to drop the pumps. The pump launch intensity is determined by the time you press a "spacebar" and will be displayed below in the power bar. What you need to do is adjust the intensity according to power bar.

Using tools

Using tools can help you defeat your opponents faster and gain a better gaming experience.

The tools are divided into two categories: the first ones are displayed in the column to the right of the combat image and the second ones are displayed in the lower right corner of the combat image.

"1~8":Items in the item column on the right side of the combat image can be used by pressing "1~8". You can set up within the prorprio game the keys corresponding to the items.

"z x c":For support tools (such as "invisibility") purchased in the tool shop or those you received in combat you can press "z x c" to use them quickly. There are two tips that are worth mentioning. The first is that you can only choose a maximum of three tools at a time and the second is that the incoming or purchased tools will disappear after you change channels.

use of " POW "


In combat when the power bar in the lower right corner is full the button "Pow" will be displayed. You can click (or press B) when attacking so you can use the fatal blow.


Be aware that pow cannot be used along with the "Trident Missile" tool.

The flight strategy

As master you should not just use force. Sometimes a strategic change will have unexpected effect.

When you don't have enough life or you're about to be buried, don't hesitate! Use the play immediately and fly to a safe place to drive a strategic change. Click on the paper plane (or press F) to be able to use it.

Notes: You cannot use other items when using the flight tool.